V1.82 (BETA)

Current Release Version

I have released a minor update to version 1.8. v1.82. It is still based on an older mirc.exe file tho, as the latest version of mirc seems to have some memory leak that causes "software caused connection abort" errors every 6 hours or so.

Note: Version 1.8gamma of this script hasn't been updated since april 2000. Most of the good "features" I added to this script have been ripped off, and are now "standard" in most other scripts.. and some other features have actually been hard coded into the latest Mirc Version by by Khaled Mardam-Bey!.. Wow don't I feel honored.

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Plugins (For "MyScript")
Version History (showing most of  the features)
Suggestions for next version
Notes on current version
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My Script started as a project to create a script to accompany my minBOT bot script.
But ended up as a script that many of my friends wanted.

What's so special about my script you may ask?
Its a work in progress, i am continually thinking up new features, or being given suggestions to make the next version better.
If I find a problem, i release a patch that fixes it.
Its generally not lame.

Prime Directives, the ideals upheld in this script: Basically this means: How I rate IRC scripts: (in order of priority)
    1. usability: the design and layout of the menus, good or bad? easy to configure?
    2. security: does it let someone send you a msg/ctcp and rape your hard drive? does it protect you from exploits?
    3. the "Nated" scale: how many useless and/or annoying color/ascii/codes it has?
    4. the irritation scale.. how many flood/DoS/War functions does it have?

Contact Info:

Contact me here

Notes on Current Version:

Current suggestions for the next version: (This makes more sence to me so don't be confused if you don't understand it)

  1. ReDesign Popup menu layout
  2. Catch that damn glitch in the plugin system
If you can think of any other improvements, email me at the address above, or tell me in IRC on Austnet - /Msg Phoenixx Suggestion

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