Where can you download this script you may ask? Here of course!

Download MyScript from one of the following:

DOWNLOAD (Version 1.82beta June 2003)
DOWNLOAD (Version 1.8gamma April 2000)
Be sure to check the patch section below regularly, and make sure you install the latest patch this version may require. If the patch doesn't fix a problem you may find, try downloading the latest full version instead.

Looking for Plugins? try here instead

Myscript Upgrades

(These are experimental, and require an existing copy of MyScript Installed)

There is no upgrade from 1.8 to 1.82, as a number of key features have been changed to work differently.

Upgrade From Version 1.7g to 1.8g. (Note: this wont overwrite your mirc.ini or variables.ini file so your custom settings are not lost, if you find myscript unusable, install variables.ini to your c:\myscript dir, if it is still buggy, download mirc.ini to your c:\myscript dir. as well)

Patches for MyScript:

To install a patch just close MyScript, and run the patch installer and overwrite the existing file.

Update for version 1.8 (to revision 2M-a) fixes autojoin popup glitch

Patch for version 1.7 fixes minor cosmetic problems (note only for use on version 1.7, not for any other version)

Patch for version 1.6 to fix minor problems (note if you have installed version 1.7, do NOT install this patch)

Other Scripts

These are various other script I made, for one reason or another.
These were mostly made as a custom project for someone.

This is a script based on various features from MyScript 1.8g and the abandoned MyScript 1.9d
It was made for the daughter of a friend of mine, it has lots of sounds and colors, and pictures.

It's a good all round beginners script. Contains most things you would expect to find in most scripts released lately. It also has my "flagship" Mp3 system in it to. From the delta series of MyScript. This is about as good as an mp3 script can get without using an external app.

I recently updated this script in Release 2 to fix its look, and add more kid friendly features.
It has its own little website here

release 1 (this is here only for historical reference use release 2 link above)

Complete Download (3435k)

Partial Downloads
Script Minus Graphics (1390k)
Script Minus Graphics & Sound (804k)
Just the Graphics (2046k)
Just the Sounds (587kb)

This is a project I started, and haven't really had much time to work on lately.
To put it simply. Its an IRC script that works like a MUD (Multi User Dungeon) via  DCC.

Anyway here's the download (570kb):

This is a silly script i made for some one.
Heard of LoveOP on Austnet?
This is sort of the exact opposite of that!
To use it, just load the remotes to your existing mirc script.
To list the commands, type /msg Nick help
To the person running the script.

Download hateop.ini

Basic Interview Bot Prototype.
This is a script I made for interviewing people in moderated chatrooms.

Download it(377k) (with mirc.exe)

Download it(10k) (without mirc.exe)

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