Plugins should work on any version of MyScript above 1.8.

MyScript 1.0+ plugins (external apps)

  • There is also a Series 2-3 MinBot, this is somewhat more complicated. I may release it if I get time.
  • A series 4 MinBot is planned in the distant future. This will be a Perl Based bot however.

  • MyScript 1.8+ plugins (plugin system)

    If you can think of any other improvements, email me at the address above, or tell me in IRC on Austnet - /Msg Phoenixx Suggestion

    Hey I wanna make a plugin.. how do i do it?
        Look in your MyScript version 1.8 plugins directory for a file named "plugins.txt" it explains the basics

    Suggestions for plugins.

    1. The black jack game script.
    2. The clone check. This is proving more difficult than anticipated, so I may put it off and make it a plugin instead.
    3. An 8-Ball plugin, using a message box interface to avoid irritating other users.
    4. The "Height" plugin I made.
    5. A selection of auto kicks in a plugin.
    6. An "auto greet" plugin, for those in "official" chat rooms.

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