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Downtime log. 

Time or Duration Fault Class/Location Details
17th November 2000 Local New Webserver Daemon Installed
22nd November 2000 Telstra DNS rerouting to avoid Telstra Outage
24th November 2000 Local Brief disconnection as server relocated
29th November 2000 Power Power outage, site down for 5 mins as backup power connected
5th December 9:35am to 4:30pm 2000 ISP Unknown (ISP?) Network Failure stopped all data on the external internet interface.
11th December 8:50 pm to 9:30pm 2000 ISP ISP 's rack failure, stopping network until it was reset.
5th January 2:30pm to 3:30pm 2000 ISP ISP side Maintenance 
16th January 12:40am to 1:10am 2000 Power Power Failure damaged UPS, had to switch to extended backup power.
19th January 12pm to 1:50pm 2000 Power On Site Network Hardware malfunction.
22nd January 12:15pm to 12:30pm Local Memory issue with httpD resulting in DoS. Still being examined. But fixed temporarily.
24th January Power Interruption Local I forgot to reload the Webserver Daemon Oops.. no http for about 4 hours.. woops
26th January Power Failure 2:30pm to 6:30pm Power/ISP/Local Server offline briefly while backup power connected, then server offline after ISP backbone fails as a result of the powerfailure. TXU power = crap. If you find yourself in their service area, move somewhere else unless you like appliances blowing up every week.
26th January 6:30pm to 6:50pm Power Mains Power Surge Fried Primary on site ISP connection equipment, installed backup
3rd February 3:00am to 3:02am Power Yet Another power interruption.
5th February 9:55am to 10:am Local Repaired UPS Reinstalled
12th March 12:40pm to 13th March 9:55am ISP ISP hardware not answering, public holiday, nobody to fix it.
27/3/2001 10pm  Local (Shell Server) 
Someone appears to have gained root access and either attempted to recompile using the wrong kernal, or deliberately trashed the partitions. 
Does not effect web server. Only services effected: telnet shells, MUD services.
18/8/2001 1:20AM to 3:15PM Power Yet another unscheduled TXU Power Interruption. 
Backup Generator Faulty, All power transformers for network hardware failed. Temp replacement supply located, system back online. I am sick of TXU blowing up my equipment, installed triple redundant power supply protectors. Lets see them blow that up.
31/10/2001 4:20pm to 5:00pm ISP Misc Failure with ISP's authentication server
28/11/2001 10:30am to 10:50pm Local Main Power Tripped off accidentally. IRC effected only.
3/12/2001 4:40am to 10:20am Local Some sort of failure with the GL library of the display. Most likely a memory leak. Caused system to suspend services pending user intervention.
18/12/2001 10:10pm to 11pm Local Power Magpie flew into power line and cut power to building when the power pole fuse blew.
14/1/2002 1:20pm to 1:35pm Local Minor Maintenance 
28/1/2002 2:40pm to 5pm Power Power outage
31/1/2002 11:59pm to 2am Power Power outage
11/3/2002  Local Briefly offline for maintenance
1/4/2002 Unknown time Unknown Duration Power Webserver went down for between 35 mins to one or two hours when no staff were in office. A major lighting strike had taken down the local power and internet link. Webserver automatically recovered and restarted when power was restored. 
11/12/2002 2:10am to 2:18am Telstra Telstra Exchange appears to have rebooted. 
12/12/2002 Unknown Duration to 4:10pm ISP ISP's Router/Radius stopped sending data.
2/1/2003 Unknown Duration to 10:30am Local Apparent Lockup. Thought Several months uptime too good to be true.
25/1/2003 3:34pm to 5:14pm ISP/Telstra Was disconnected from network, reconnection attempts report ISP's server "busy"  !?
11/3/2003 around 5pm to 6:30pm ISP Serious problem at exchange. Unscheduled ISP/Telstra issue. Unavoidable. All services effected.
11/3/2003 11:09pm to 11:43pm  ISP Same problem at ISP's exchange again.
14/3/2003 2:05:02am to 2:17:15am ISP Network Congestion!? At 2am? WTF More likely the same exchange problem at the ISP again.
14/3/2003 8:06:46am to 8:30:34am ISP On going exchange problem again at ISP. Every random or so connect attempts work, but get a PPP time out error, all other times, get "line congestion" or "busy" errors. 
14/3/2003 8:30:34am to  9:00am ISP Main Connection link is up.. of course now it appears the main backbone may be down.. 
14/3/2003 12:21:25pm to 12:21:56pm Telstra Lost connection for no apparent reason.
14/3/2003 6:42:03pm to 9:32:23pm ISP ISP / Exchange fault again. ISP tech says they have a faulty router.
15/3/2003 10:00pm to 10:30pm ISP Exchange connection appears to be working for the moment, but the router it's connected to has stopped responding.
16/3/2003 around 4pm to 7:20pm ISP Same problem again, an upstream router has failed.
13/4/2003 4:50pm to 5:50pm Power Storm hit, power went out immediately.  TXU at fault again. Backup power no longer works. Had to wait it out.
14/4/2003 7:50am to 8:50am Power Power went off for no reason. Unknown TXU fault.
23/5/2003 Local Two reboots triggered inadvertently.
24/5/2003 6:10am 6:17am Power Two Mysterious Power Failures in a row.  First power failure just outlasted UPS by about 3 minutes, second power failure was too short to worry UPS.
18/9/2003 10am to about 4:30pm ISP There seems to be some serious screw up at the ISP, it allows me to connect in, but all out bound data seems to be getting blocked from the ISP end. All services affected. A days email and web sales lost. My god I hate Radius. Any ISP using it should be shot.
21/10/2003 Around 10m till 1:50pm Power TXU power strikes again.. of course the server also suddenly decides i have a new modem installed, and hangs on detection once the power returns.. charming.
19/4/2005 3:25am to 7:00am Telstra Telstra decided to do some unscheduled maintenance on the local exchange and cut off all local clients. Maybe it is the ADSL upgrade? 
20/4/2005 3:10am to 4:10am Telstra More Work on exchange?
9/10/2005 ?? to 6:15am Local Something Keeps Tripping Circuit Breaker, bi-passed.

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